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Town of Beverly Beach

​  386.439.6888

​​​​​​​​Mayor Stephen Emmett (term expires March 2025) (Commissioner Chairman)
Commissioner James Howard (term expires March 2026)
Commissioner Philip (Mick) Krakowski (term expires March 2025)
Commissioner Jeffrey Schuitema (term expires March 2025)386.338.1290
Commissioner Larry Mathies (term expires March 2025)
Commissioner Jeffrey Borges (term expires March 2026)
Town Clerk Jim Ardell (serves at the convenience of the Commission by appointment)

City of Bunnell City Hall (main number) (Clerk)
City of Flagler Beach Building Department (permits)386.517.2000 X
City of Flagler Beach City Administrator   
386.517.2000 X "0"

City of Flagler Beach City Hall (main number) (Clerk)
City of Flagler Beach Police Department386.517.2020
City of Flagler Beach Sanitation 
386.517.2000 ext.239
City of Flagler Beach Engineering (land development)
386.517.2000 ext.

Town of Marineland (Mayor Angela TenBroeck)

City of Palm Coast City Hall (main number) (Exec. Asst.)

Flagler County Administrator's Office (Luci Dance)
Flagler County Clerk of Court Tom
Flagler County Engineering (Engineer)
Flagler County Property Appraiser James "Jay"
Flagler County Sheriff's Department (non-emergency)386.437.4116
Flagler County Sheriff Rick
Flagler County Supervisor of Elections Kaiti
Flagler County Tax Collector Suzanne Johnston386.313.4160
Florida Governmental Utilities Authority(904) 990-1441

Florida Department of Transportation (District 5) DeLand800-780-7102