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Town of Beverly Beach

​  386.439.6888    obeverlybeacht@cfl.rr.com

​​​​​​​​Mayor Stephen Emmett (term expires March 2025) (Commissioner Chairman)

Commissioner James Howard (term expires March 2026)989.350.5012James.Howard@cfl.rr.com
Commissioner Philip (Mick) Krakowski (term expires March 2025) 386.503.9102mickado@cfl.rr.com
Commissioner Jeffrey Schuitema (term expires March 2025)386.338.1290  JSky1@yahoo.com
Commissioner Larry Mathies (term expires March 2025) 386.439.9253larrymathies@gmail.com
Commissioner Jeffrey Borges (term expires March 2026)
Town Clerk Jim Ardell (serves at the convenience of the Commission by appointment)386.439.6888obeverlybeacht@cfl.rr.com

City of Bunnell City Hall (main number)386.437.7500kbates@bunnellcity.us (Clerk)
City of Flagler Beach Building Department (permits)386.517.2000 X 232bbramer@cityofflaglerbeach.com
City of Flagler Beach City Administrator   
386.517.2000 X "0"

City of Flagler Beach City Hall (main number)386.517.2000poverstreet@cityofflaglerbeach.com (Clerk)
City of Flagler Beach Police Department386.517.2020
City of Flagler Beach Sanitation 
386.517.2000 ext.239
City of Flagler Beach Engineering (land development)
386.517.2000 ext. 248lrichards@cityofflaglerbeach.com

Town of Marineland (Mayor Angela TenBroeck)


City of Palm Coast City Hall (main number)386.986.3710kiannotti@palmcoastgov.com (Exec. Asst.)

Flagler County Administrator's Office (Luci Dance)386.313.4101ldance@flaglercounty.gov
Flagler County Clerk of Court Tom Bexley386.313.4400tbexley@flaglerclerk.com
Flagler County Engineering Department386.313.4106falkhatib@flaglercounty.com (Engineer)
Flagler County Property Appraiser James "Jay" Gardner386.313.4150pa@flaglerpa.com
Flagler County Sheriff's Department (non-emergency)386.437.4116
Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly386.586.4806rstaly@flaglersheriff.com
Flagler County Supervisor of Elections Kaiti Lenhart386.313.4170klenhart@flaglerelections.com
Flagler County Tax Collector Suzanne Johnston386.313.4160
Florida Governmental Utilities Authority(904) 990-1441

Florida Department of Transportation (District 5) DeLand800-780-7102