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Town of Beverly Beach, Florida

​The Little Town with a Good Heart! 


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​​Welcome to the Town of Beverly Beach, Florida, a small beachfront retirement community located on a barrier island in Flagler County, northeast Florida.  The Town's "main street" (State Road A1A, also known as Oceanshore Boulevard) runs about 1.1 miles in length from north to south along the Atlantic Ocean and is about 1/4 mile in width between the Atlantic and the Intracoastal Waterway.  Fun, famous, active Daytona Beach is about a half-hour to our south, and historic St. Augustine is nestled about a half-hour to the north, making this area a great destination for those who want to visit multiple northeast Florida attractions while still being able to enjoy the quiet peacefulness of our public beaches.

The Town was founded by a visionary, prominent local attorney and land investor named Claude Varn, known throughout the state for the contributions he made to the development of the eastern part of Florida.  Contrary to a longtime legend, Mr. Varn did not name the Town after one of his daughters (Helen Varn Holton and Marilyn Varn King).  The sisters visited Town Hall one day and confirmed that none of the family relatives was ever named Beverly!  The Town got its name because Mr.Varn, "thought it sounded pleasant."  Early in the Town's history it was also known as Beverly Beach Shores, and in a 1925 newspaper article in The Flagler Tribune, the paper referred to the area as the "American Riviera."

Beverly Beach was incorporated as a sovereign municipality on June 23, 1955.  Mr. Varn served as the Town Attorney, and its inaugural Mayor was Stanley L. Farnsworth.  Now home to just over 400 registered voters, average age nearly 70, the population fluctuates with the seasons and can reach as many as 500 to 600 residents, particularly during winter months, holiday weeks, and special events like Biketoberfest, NASCAR races, and the plethora of regular festivals, arts and crafts events, and concerts throughout the region.

A large RV resort campground is located on both sides of our "main street" and includes a convenience store, beachfront lots, a few cabins, and private beach access.  The majority of the Town's property is residential, with just a few parcels zoned as commercial.  The area abounds with outdoor activities!  Professional and amateur cyclists are often seen speeding through town, training for races.  Water sports like kayaking, surfing, and boating are on tap year-round.  Commercial, sport, and charter fishing boats are prevalent almost daily.  There are multitudes of nature hiking trails, world class golf courses, camping, classic car shows, and so much more.  On a rainy or (rare) chilly day, visit some of the local museums, art galleries, wine tasting venues, a professional quality show at the Flagler Auditorium, or indulge in some superb local culinary delights.