Town of Beverly Beach, Florida




  • Mayor Steve Emmett, 386.439.6888 (term expires March 2017)
  • Commissioner Gerry Gersbach, 386.338.4167 (term expires March 2016)
  • Commissioner Larry Mathies, 386.439.6888 (term expires March 2017)
  • Commissioner Jeffrey Schuitema, 386.439.6888 (term expires March 2017)
  • Commissioner Sandy Siepietoski, 386.439.6888 (term expires March 2017)
  • Commissioner Debra Wingo, 321.299.4168 (term expires March 2016)
  • Town Clerk Donna Francis, 386.439.6888


  • Animal Control, 386.445.1188
  • Board of County Commissioners, 386.313.4000
  • Building Department, 386.313.4002
  • Central Permitting, 386.313.4003
  • Circuit Court Clerk, 386.437.7430
  • County Administrator, 386.313.4001
  • Emergency Services (NON-EMERGENCY), 386.313.4200
  • Health Department, 386.437.7350
  • Property Appraiser, 386.313.4150
  • School Department, 386.437.7526
  • Sheriff's Department (NON-EMERGENCY), 386.437.4116
  • Supervisor of Elections, 386.313.4170
  • Tax Collector, 386.313.4160
  • Utilities, 386.313.4192
  • Veterans' Services, 386.313.4014


City of Bunnell, 386.313.4060

City of Flagler Beach, 386.517.2000
Fire Department (non-emergency) 386.517-2010
Recycling and Sanitation, 386.517.2017

City of Palm Coast, 386-986-3700

  • Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville
  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP)
  • Florida Department of Revenue (FDOR)
  • Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)
  • St. John's River Water Management District (SJRWMD)

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                               "PERMITTING 101"

                  BEFORE YOU START A PROJECT

The Town Hall tries to keep our citizens informed, involved, and up-to-date on newly passed
Ordinances, Resolutions, or other county or state laws that have an impact on how we all conduct our day-to-day business. Still, residents often say they are not aware of certain Code changes or Resolutions passed by the Commission that may be applicable to them, whether it is permitting, requesting a variance hearing, or having what may be classified as a "special event or activity."

Don't be caught in a tricky situation! When in doubt, call the Town Hall or stop by to ask if you need a permit, a variance, or just to confirm that none is needed. This is especially important for any work done that may need approval by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection or the St. John's River Water Management District!
Nearly ALL exterior work needs a building permit, whether it is replacement windows, installation of a new HVAC unit, a new roof, or an addition to an existing structure. Residents of Surfside Estates have additional community guidelines and should check with the office.

There are "setback" restrictions throughout Beverly Beach, and those guidelines are
different for Surfside Estates
. Often, if a homeowner wishes to erect a fence, a variance hearing may be necessary due to the width of the lot and the width of the setback restrictions.

Interior work MAY need a building permit, depending on the scope of the work. Generally, ALL electrical, HVAC, and plumbing work must be permitted. Extensive interior renovations will probably require permitting and inspection.

Any event that is open to the public in which you anticipate attendance in excess of 100 people, OR you will have amplified sound, OR there is a reasonable anticipation of needing traffic control, sanitary facilities, or health and fire inspections will most likely require an Application for a Special Event/Activity which requires an application fee and hearing before the Commission 60 days in advance of the event.

The Town is gradually moving forward and the Town Commission and Mayor are working toward a goal of more effectively abiding by and being guided by our Charter and Code. Again - stay informed and when in doubt, just give us a call or stop by! By being proactive, the Town's daily workings will run smoothly and further enhance this great little piece of the world called Beverly Beach.

Copies of all Ordinances, Resolutions, Planning and Zoning Hearings, and Commission Meetings are available for inspection or copying at the Town Hall during normal working hours. Just ask!

                 PUBLIC NOTICES

                    Watering Restrictions

Lawn watering throughout the area is restricted to certain days AND
times of day. In Beverly Beach the guidelines are as follows:

During Daylight Savings Time you may water twice weekly.

  • For odd-numbered houses the days are Wednesday and Saturday.
  • For even-numbered housed the days are Thursday and Sunday.
  • Businesses can water on Tuesday and Fridays.

During Eastern Standard Time watering is restricted to ONE day per week as follows:

  • For odd numbered houses that day is Saturday.
  • For even numbered houses that day is Sunday.
  • Businesses and non-residential properties may water on Tuesday.

                 You may not water after 10 AM or before 4 PM.
    Water ONLY when needed and not between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

No more than 3/4 inch of water may be applied per irrigation zone on each day that irrigation occurs, and in no event shall irrigation occur for more than one (1) hour per irrigation zone on each day that irrigation occurs.  Each zone can be watered for no more than one hour.

There are exceptions for newly planted lawns and application of fertilizers and pesticides.

                    Aerial Spraying

The East Flagler Mosquito Control District has given public notice, in compliance with the FAA, that they may apply control products by helicopter over or adjacent to congested areas of Flagler County and its municipalities. The purpose of these flights is for the suppression of mosquito populations. The district may also perform low level flights over and adjacent to wetlands.

All control products are approved by the Florida Department of Agriculture and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  For more information or to be added to the District's advance notification list, visit the District's web site at or call 386.445.413.

                        Flagler County
      Human Services Department Web Site


Flagler County Human Services provides the following indigent health care services:
  • Medical assistance can be arranged for low-income, uninsured residents of Flagler County that meet eligibility criteria
  • Prescription assistance
  • Emergency dental care
  • Wheelchair / walker loan program
  • Assistance completing Social Security disability applications

When funds are available, Flagler County Human Services
provides the following emergency assistance services:

  • Assistance with past due rent or utilities can be provided two times per household, per 12 month period (no deposits)
  • Assistance can be provided toward a first month’s rent payment in certain situations
  • Emergency food funds are provided to support the Flagler Resource Center, a local food pantry that is operated by Church Women United in a county facility.
           George Wickline Senior Center

    The George Wickline Senior Center provides:
  • Hot, nutritionally balanced meals served Monday through Friday at 12:00 noon
  • Scheduled entertainment and social activities
  • Guest speakers
  • A pool table
  • A computer lab with internet access
  • A lending library

For more information about this program, please
contact Gloria McKay at (386) 586-2324 ext. 304.

800 S Daytona Avenue, Flagler Beach, FL 32136
(386) 517-2435


Town of Beverly Beach, Florida

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