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Click on the link below to view the April 2014 issue of the Town's "BEACH BUZZ" newsletter, including a list of current and upcoming events, festivals, and activities in the area, plus lots of useful information and Commission Meeting updates!  

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Note:  Updates on the Commission Meeting that addressed this issue on
April 7 are contained in the Beach Buzz linked above!

At a special Public Hearing held at 5 p.m. on March 24, 2014, members of the Planning and Zoning Board convened to address proposed ordinances that would include text changes to the Comprehensive Plan and future land use map, and a correlating change in zoning.  It was standing room only in the Meeting Hall with a maximum legal crowd of 50 and an addition 20 or more on the back patio, listening to the proceedings via a hired sound system provided by the Town.

Mayor Ardell
 introduced members of the Board as well as other officials participating in the hearing. A Staff Report was then presented with additional comments and input from the Mayor, the Town's land use attorney, Dennis Bayer, and the Town's planning consultant, Lindsay Haga of Northeast Florida Regional Council.  Following presentations on behalf of the applicant the floor was opened to presentations in opposition to the rezoning effort

Surfside Estates resident Jeff Schuitema was first to speak on behalf of other residents at the park, presenting a signed petition in opposition to the zoning change as well as other concerns about the condition of the property and potential uses.  Several other residents addressed the Board with similar concerns.  

In rebuttal, Mr. Sid Patel, owner of the property in question, spoke to the Board and attendees, and explained the conditions surrounding the concerns voiced. Mr. Patel assured concerned citizens that the dumpster on his property was placed there by the County and that he would ask them to remove it right away.  Within 24 hours the dumpster was taken away.

After all parties had been given the opportunity to speak, the Board received direction from the Town Attorney and NEFRC consultant, conferred, and two motions were made and voted upon:

  • Board Member Sue Cureton recommended amending the future land use in the Comprehensive Plan and including language restricting use of the property to RV and boat storage.  Other Board members also agreed that boat trailers and standard vehicles could be included. Attorney Bayer said that the Board's intent was clear and that the details could be worked out by the Commission.  The Board agreed that they would recommend the property be used in a way that conforms with its "existing nature."  Ms. Cureton moved that the Board approve for consideration by the Commission the amended land use Ordinance PZB_SSCPA14-01 with the changes of the allowable use as discussed. Board Member Mary Gemmell seconded the motion. Chair person Jane Gerker called for a vote and the five-member Board voted unanimously in favor of the motion.
  • Ms. Cureton moved to accept the proposed companion rezoning application and ordinance, PZB_REZ14-01 with the same restrictions outlined in the previous motion and discussion.  The motion was seconded by Board Member Sue Sheehan.  Chair person Jane Gerker called for a vote and the five-member Board voted unanimously in favor of the motion.
There being no further business for the Board to address, the meeting was adjourned at 6:28 p.m.  The matter will now go before the Town Commission for review and a decision on whether or not to accept the P&Z Board's recom-mendations, reject the recommendations, or accept them with modifications.



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To view a line item copy of the current Fiscal Year Budget, please see the Town Clerk.

                   SUNSET INLET – INFORMATION

Sunset Inlet is ready for residents!  A few homes have been completed and several are under construction or awaiting permitting.  The model home has been open now for nearly a year, and the community boasts an ocean view, an Intracoastal Waterway view, and each home has its own boat slip.  A total of 31 lots are available, and homeowners have a variety of models from which to choose.  DR Horton of Jacksonville is the general contractor.  The site manager is Darin Dahl

                           HURRICANE PREPAREDNESS

 Flagler County Shelter Information

The following shelters are designated as official shelter locations for Flagler County residents.  Not all shelters will open for every emergency, so it is important to monitor local media, check this website, or call the Flagler County Emergency Services information line at (386)586-5111 to find out which shelters are open at the time of the emergency.

Flagler/PC High School
3265 East Moody Blvd., Palm Coast
SR 100 between Belle Terre Parkway & I-95, across from Airport

Indian Trails Middle School
5505 Belle Terre Parkway, Palm Coast
In Palm Coast, 3 miles north of Palm Coast Parkway

Bunnell Elementary School (Special Needs Shelter)
800 East Howe Street, Bunnell
In Bunnell, 2 blocks north of SR 100, via Orange Street

Wadsworth Elementary School
4550 Belle Terre Parkway, Palm Coast
In Palm Coast, 1/2 mile south of Palm Coast Parkway

Old Kings Elementary School
301 South Old Kings Road, Flagler Beach
West of Flagler Beach, just east of I-95 at Old Kings Road and SR 100

Belle Terre Elementary School
5345 Belle Terre Pkwy, Palm Coast
In Palm Coast, 3 miles north of Palm Coast Pkwy

Rymfire Elementary School
1425 Rymfire Dr., Palm Coast
In Palm Coast, just north of Royal Palms Parkway

Matanzas High School
3535 North Old Kings Rd., Palm Coast
In Palm Coast, 3 miles north of Palm Coast Parkway

These shelters do not accept pets.
For information on disaster shelters for your pet contact the
Flagler County Extension Service at (386)437-746


Areas east of I-95 have been declared a primary hurricane evacuation zone.

If you live in a mobile or manufactured home, be prepared to evacuate.  These types of homes will not withstand hurricane force winds or wind-blown debris.

When you evacuate, designate someone who lives away from the path of the hurricane to be your contact person.  Keep this contact person apprised of your situation and tell family and friends who your contact person is.  Include a phone number and e-mail address.

CAUTION:  Be aware that there may be NO fire department or law enforcement services available if a strong hurricane strikes.  Choosing to "ride it out" during a hurricane is a major decision that is dangerous and potentially life-threatening, not only for you but for any rescue personnel involved in helping to evacuate you during or after the storm.  (Remember Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans!)  Be fully prepared by having sufficient food and fresh water for at least a week (including enough for pets).  Make sure your vehicle's gas tank is full, as well as having adequate fuel for your generator, if you have one.  Check your medications and ensure that you have ten days' to two weeks' supply.

When you evacuate:
  • Do so early
  • Board up or shutter windows and brace garage doors
  • Plan your route
  • Have a place to stay
  • Make hotel reservations early
  • Have valid Florida ID (all family members)
  • Keep a hurricane supply kit ready including family necessities and medications

The Surfside Estates clubhouse is the emergency relief center for our Town.  It is the distribution center for food, water, and current information.  It IS NOT a shelter and may not be used for overnight stays.


        Category 1:   Winds of 74 mph to 95 mph, 4-5 feet storm surge, and minimal damage

        Category 2:  Winds from 96 mph to 110 mph, 6-8 feet storm surge, and moderate damage

        Category 3:   Winds from 111 mph to 130 mph, 9-12 feet storm surge, and extensive damage

        Category 4:   Winds from 131 mph to 155 mph, 13-18 feet storm surge, and extreme damage

        Category 5:   Winds greater than 155 mph, 18 feet or higher storm surge, and catastrophic damage


This program is designed for people who would need assistance, or who depend on medical assistance, and would need special care should there be an emergency evacuation.

The program is coordinated by the Emergency Management Division with the assistance of Emergency Medical Services, Council on Aging and the School Board.

A dedicated PSN (people with special needs) shelter is established when evacuations occur.  This facility is staffed by personnel from the Health Dept., EMS, and local physicians, and is stocked with needed supplies.

Pre-registration is key for PSN's.   During an emergency is not the time to get on the PSN list.  If you would like to receive a registration form for yourself or someone you think needs to be on the PSN registry, please contact our office at (386)313-4200.  

You may also email your request to 
or write to the address below.   Don't forget to include
your mailing address with all communication

People with Special Needs
1200 E. Moody Boulevard #8
Bunnell, Florida 32110
Tel: (386) 313-4200
Fax: (386) 437-7388

There are forms in the Beverly Beach Town Office for People with Special Needs.   You may pick one up at your convenience during office hours. (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.)



Regular Town Commission Monthly MeetingMONDAY, APRIL 7, 2014, 6 p.m. 
in the Meeting Hall, 2735 North Oceanshore Boulevard, Beverly Beach. An Agenda for the meeting is available at the Town Hall. Contact the Town Clerk for information or to have the Agenda e-mailed to you.
   Click the link at left for more information in the Beach Buzz Newsletter!

Special Public Hearing of the Town Commission - 
MONDAY, APRIL 7, 2014, 6 p.m. 
to address a re-zoning issue involving property located at 234 Starboard Drive in Surfside Estates.  The Town is evaluating passage of an "administrative rezoning" to correct an error that occurred many years ago when the original property was subdivided into two lots for different use.  This meeting is a follow-up to the Planning and Zoning Board meeting held on March 24 (see summary on left side of this page).  The Commission will evaluate recommendations made by the P&Z Board and conduct a first reading of two proposed, related Ordinances.

Interested parties will be allowed to address the Commission, but due to the anticipated participation, each speaker will be limited to not more than three minutes, and each will be timed in the interest of allowing everyone fair time

Please click the link above left to read additional information about the April 7th Hearing in the "Beach Buzz" Newsletter!

                          MAY MEETINGS

Public Commission Workshop - MONDAY, MAY 5, 2014, at 5 p.m. for input regarding the rezoning initiative at 273 Starboard Drive in Surfside Estates

                                             followed by:

Next Regular Monthly Commission Meeting - MONDAY, MAY 5, 2014, at 6 p.m. .


               SAYING GOODBYE TO

Commissioner Frank Gromling served the Town of Beverly Beach for six years, bringing a great deal of wisdom and commitment to the table.  Frank served his last Commission meeting on March 3 and was honored by the Town with accolades and a plaque presentation from Mayor Jim Ardell (pictured above).  

The Mayor's remarks were, in part:  "In small towns across America there are certain individuals who dedicate themselves to causes and principles beyond their own immediate concerns.  They help build a locality by consistent leadership and a commitment to serving its people.  They have a discerning eye, and a reasoned viewpoint that provides options and ideas that might not otherwise be apparent.  Mr. Frank Gromling is such a person.  We know him as a Commissioner, but his presence bespeaks much more.  In many areas, his stewardship sets the example for all citizens – from concerns about the environment to matters of equal protection under the law."

Following adjournment of the meeting, refreshments were served and the retiring Commissioner mingled with guests. The Town owes a debt of gratitude to Frank for his service!


Town Clerk Donna Francis (right) swears in Commissioner Gerry Gersbach (left) as Debra Wingo (center) awaits her turn to be sworn in at the March 3 Commission Meeting.

Following adjournment of the March 3 Commission Meeting Town Clerk Donna Francis administered the Oath of Office to Commissioners Gerry Gersbach and Debra Wingo. Mr. Gersbach previously served as a Commissioner and Mayor and, anxious to get involved again, ran unopposed to fill the seat vacated by Frank Gromling.

Ms. Wingo was appointed to the Commission a year ago to serve the remaining term of former Commissioner Jim Ardell who was sworn in as Mayor when Mr. Gersbach had to resign before the end of his term due to family concerns.  Ms. Wingo also ran unopposed.

Congratulations to Commissioners Gersbach and Wingo, and thank you to both for their continued interest and involvement on behalf of the Town and its residents!

                     LINEUP OF ELECTED OFFICIALS

  • Jim Ardell: Mayor through March 2015
  • Gerry Gersbach:  Commissioner through March 2016
  • Larry Mathies:  Commissioner through March 2015
  • William Senn: Commissioner through March 2015
  • Sandy Siepietoski: Commissioner through March 2015
  • Debra Wingo: Commissioner through March 2016


Do you have ideas you would like to see incorporated into the Town's Web site? Would you like to see YOUR pictures on the site for everyone to enjoy? If so, please talk to the Town Clerk

                 STATE BURN ORDINANCE

The Town often gets calls asking about burning regulations. Overall, we are guided by the state's ordinance. For a burning permit, contact the Division of Forestry at 575-5737. 

In general, you may NOT burn household garbage, household paper products, treated lumber, plastics, rubber materials, tires, pesticides, paint, and aerosol containers.  

With proper authorization you may burn yard waste or household paper products under certain circumstances.  For a full list of requirements call the number above or see the Town Clerk.


Lawn watering throughout the area is restricted to certain days AND times of day.  In Beverly Beach the guidelines are as follows:

  • During Daylight Savings Time you may water twice weekly.  
  • For odd-numbered houses the days are Wednesday and Saturday.
  • For even-numbered housed the days are Thursday and Sunday.
  • Businesses can water on Tuesday and Fridays.
  • During Standard Time watering is restricted to ONE day per week as follows:
  • For odd numbered houses that day is Saturday.
  • For even numbered houses that day is Sunday.
  • Businesses may water on Tuesday.

You may not water after 10 AM or before 4 PM.

Each zone can be watered for no more than one hour.

There are exceptions for newly planted lawns and
application of fertilizers and pesticides.